Participation of the iCREW project in the 9th Panhellenic Exhibition of Arta

The project “iCREW – Advanced small boat handling training system based on simulation techniques using virtual reality technologies” funded by the Greece 2.0 – National Recovery and Resilience Plan, participated in the 9th Panhellenic Exhibition of Arta. A diverse audience of all age groups visited the booth of the Laboratory of Knowledge and Intelligent Computing and had the opportunity to directly explore the innovative digital applications developed by the research team.

The project, which includes a comprehensive simulator for small vessels and aims to train future or existing operators under a variety of conditions they may encounter during their voyages around the planet, drew particular interest from both the local fishing community and the general public. Local fishermen operating in the Ambracian Gulf, operators of small vessels for water sports, and recreational boat operators engaged with the project team and expressed interest in the use of the simulator. They often face adverse conditions, such as severe weather phenomena, where proper management is crucial. The simulator, by providing these capabilities, will significantly contribute to the proper training of potential operators.

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