iCREW: Advanced small boat handling training system based on simulation techniques using virtual reality technologies

Project Code: Τ2ΕΔΚ-04586

Implementation Period: 06/06/2019-30/11/2024

Total Budget: 725,223.95 €

Budget for University of Ioannina: 199,950.00 €


  1. REALISCAPE TYPORAMA www.typorama.gr
  2. DANAOS www.danaos.gr
  3. EPSILON www.epsilon.gr
  4. Laboratory of Knowledge & Intelligent Computing, Dept. of Informatics & Telecommunications, University of Ioannina https://kic.uoi.gr/en/

Brief Description of the project:

iCREW is an integrated small boat simulator that aims to train future or current skippers in a variety of conditions that they will encounter more or less infrequently during their voyages around the globe. It aims to reduce the number of maritime accidents involving small vessels, which constitute the absolute majority of such incidents and are mainly caused by inadequate training according to all international statistics. The training conditions are completely safe but at the same time of maximum immersion: visualisation of the environment with photorealistic graphics in real time, full multi-channel audio coverage, a real open or closed cabin with all the controls and instruments found on a fully functional vessel, and three-axis motion that is fully responsive to the turbulence and waves of the natural environment. The system is aimed at the entire maritime world, with amateur skipper training schools and professional skippers academies as potential users.


  • Advanced realistic simulations:

Creation of a collaborative informational training tool for realistic simulation of small boat driving using semantic and geometric modeling.

  • Specialised training:

Education and training of amateur and professional small powerboat skippers.

  • Maritime training:

 Training of small boat skippers using new technologies in maritime regulations, rules, and laws.

  • Advanced navigation systems:

Training of skippers in advanced technology electronic navigation systems.

  • Improving safety at sea:

Reducing maritime accidents involving small vessels by improving the quality of training of their skippers.

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