PLANET4 - Pisa meeting, 14-15.12.2021

The two-day partner’s meeting was concluded in Pisa with absolute success. Even though eventually it was held in a hybrid form -due to the concern of the new variant of COVID-19, the partnership as a whole participated one way or another.

By and large, the main topics discussed referred to the work that has already been accomplished and the planning of the future steps to meet the responsibilities that the consortium has undertaken. 

In particular, during the first day, the host -the University of Pisa- commenced the discussion presenting the updates on the interactive platform of the Taxonomy. Later on, Prof. Chrysostomos from the University of Ioannina provided the key findings of the report on the evaluation of the Taxonomy by the external experts. Alessandro Guadagni from ValueDo took the floor in order to present the main points of the report that was developed in collaboration with the University of Pisa on the evaluation of the Innovation & Change Management course based on the participants’ feedback. Next, the Zerynth company representative referred to the updates on the collection of best practices. Finally, the first day came to an end, emphasizing the activities and aims of Work Package 4 and the presentation of the overall framework of the PLANET4 training course.

The Ramon Llull University representatives initiated the second day’s proceedings defining and presenting the e-learning platform infrastructure. The University of Pisa partners took the floor for one more time and made reference to the activation of the internal procedures for the ECTS recognition. Afterwards, ValueDo clarified the tasks among the partners for the preparation of training materials and the corresponding deadlines. At last, the Kaunas STP representatives, as being responsible for the dissemination of the project, presented the overall dissemination plan and gave a definition of the calendar with the articles for the website and social media, and the planning for the next conferences/official events.

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