ICT - FoodAware

Modern kiwi quality assessment system, traceability of kiwi products and intelligent supply chain management based on advanced IT applications

Project code:  ΗΠ1ΑΒ-0028199

Website:  https://www.kiwiaware.eu/

Implementation period: 25/09/2018 – 13/05/2022

Scientifically Responsible: Prof. Chrysostomos Stylios

Budget: 57.614,21 €


  1. Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Ioannina

  2. Department of Agriculture, University of Ioannina

Short description:

The proposed project aims to develop an integrated traceability information system, based on advanced Internet of Things techniques, in collaboration with specialized arborists, agronomists and IT technicians, which will monitor the entire production process of the product (kiwi) from the part of the crop in the field until its packaging and its disposal to the final consumer.


The aim of the project is:

The creation of a complete system of traceability and recording of both cultivation interventions and inputs of kiwi cultivation as well as the organoleptic characteristics of the produced fruit, which in the future could be used to highlight the special characteristics of Arta kiwi, to help the possibility for production of products with Geographical Indication (PGI), but also lead to an increase in exports. More specifically, the objectives of the project are:

• Creating an application for smart phones to be used by the consumer to view product-related information and the producer to enter production-related data. • The creation of an online internet platform for finding product information.

• The application of advanced machine learning algorithms and data mining techniques to extract knowledge related to product quality and production.

• The marking of products and ensuring highly accurate traceability with modern technological methods, such as GS1 DataBar technology.

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