eMEDIATOR project - the first stage is being completed

The first stage of the ERASMUS+ project “Ecosystem for European Education Mobility as a Service: Model with Portal Demo” has been successfully completed. At a number of online meetings, the results of the first stage of the joint work of teams from 5 countries were summed up: Latvia – the leading partner, Spain, Greece, Poland, and Germany.

The main aim of this stage of the project was to develop eMEDIATOR portal architecture and concept.

Consistent with the project implementation plan, the following steps have been completed to identify the needs of users of the portal:

  • analysis of the novelty of the project and its components,
  • a questionnaire was designed to determine the pedagogical, competence-related, organizational, and technological preferences of the portal users (stakeholders), such as educational institutions, employers, staff of educational institutions, and students
  • the survey of the designed questionnaire was carried out among the target groups, mentioned above;

the development of a demo portal has been launched in accordance with the Agile methodology.  The next phase of the project requires the development of the Model of pedagogical components of the portal. Also, other models will be continuously improved. The project team will be focused on the development of new remote pedagogical tools in the digital environment of eMEDIATOR.

The results of the project are of great importance for the development of higher education in Europe and for the introduction of innovative forms of organization of education. The outcome of this project will be a model and a demonstration prototype of a unified digital platform for organizing an expandable mobile educational service using cloud technologies.

ERASMUS+ Project “Ecosystem for European Education Mobility as a Service: Model with Portal Demo (eMEDIATOR), Agreement No. 2021-1-LV01-KA220-HED-000027571 (2021-2023).

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