eMEDIATOR: RelStat 2023 Workshop

On October 19, 2023, a seminar on the preliminary results of the ERASMUS+ eMEDIATOR project was held at the Institute of Transport and Communications. This project workshop was organized within the framework of the annual international scientific conference RelStat2023. The project is implemented by a consortium of five universities from Latvia (TSI, Riga), Spain (UMU, Murcia), Greece (UoI, Arta), Poland (LU, Lodz) and Germany (AU, Aalen). The moderators of the meeting were prof. Boriss Misnevs and prof. Igors Kabashkins (Latvia). During the seminar, models of the proposed digital mobile education platform developed within the project were presented and discussed. Of particular interest was the presentation of the DEMO portal, which demonstrated the main functions of the proposed educational ecosystem. The results obtained during the discussions were highly appreciated and it was recommended to continue research in this direction. It was proposed to focus on the use of artificial intelligence as a promising tool for the transformation of higher education.

This research was supported by the EU grant of ERASMUS+ project Ecosystem for European Education Mobility as a Service: Model with Portal Demo (eMEDIATOR), Agreement No 2021-1-LV01-KA220-HED000027571.

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