Integrated Support System for the Elderly, for people with health problems and lonely workers by Utilizing Wearable Devices and Machine Learning Algorithms


Short title: TrackMyHealth

Code of Act (Project): ΗΠ1ΑΒ-00127

Scientifically Responsible: Prof. Chrysostomos Stylios

Start date: 25/09/2018

End date: 13/07/2022

Budget: 146.127,50 €

Funding framework: Structural Fund Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework (PA). 2014-2020, Regional Operational Programme “Epirus”, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Short description: The TrackMyHealth project proposes an integrated monitoring and support system for individuals (elderly, lonely workers) utilising wearables and machine learning algorithms. The system is an easy-to-use solution for users as it consists of a wearable device (wristwatch) that does not interrupt/burden the flow of activities of each individual and an application developed for smartphones (mobile app) that does not require specialized knowledge for its operation. This project uses a device that has a heart rate sensor as well as motion detection sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope).


  • Conducting extensive literature review on state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies used internationally for fitness monitoring.
  • Design and development of advanced methodologies and machine learning models for the “smart” monitoring & evaluation of the physical condition of elderly and lonely workers utilizing wearable and mobile devices.
  • Design and development of an advanced mobile application, which uses signals from sensors integrated into wearable devices to identify the activities performed and assess health and fitness levels in real-time.
  • Automated sensory / motor control to detect and prevent dangerous and critical for the health of the supervised user conditions (e.g., abrupt change of heart rate at rest, elderly falls, etc.).
  • Automated sending of alerts in case of need to caregivers/health supervisors for immediate intervention in case of emergency.
  • Design and development of a web platform for monitoring and providing effective real-time support by the health supervisor. In addition, the opportunity to monitor the health history of users is provided and to automatically inform the interested parties.

Expected outcomes:

  • Health monitoring and personal fitness improvement (self-monitoring) using the mobile application.
  • Evaluation of the basic health levels and feedback (from the system) based on reliable machine learning and decision-making algorithms.
  • Prevention of dangerous health situations and promotion of well-being.
  • Continuous remote monitoring of people who need help or are in need by health supervisors.
  • Automatic notification (sending notifications) in cases of immediate danger for intervention/providing help where necessary.


The Program is co-financed by the European Union And from the National Resources of the participating States

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