Quality Network for Sustainable Tourism

“QNeST PLUS – Quality Network for Sustainable Tourism PLUS” 

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Instagram: QnestProject_Interreg Adrion

Website: https://plus.qnest.eu/

Adrion Website: https://qnest.adrioninterreg.eu/

Implementation Period: 01/01/2022 – 30/06/2022

Budget: 148.200,00 €


University of Salento, Department of Cultural Heritage, Italy

Ministry of Economic Development, Directorate for enhancing investment environment, Montenegro

University of Ioannina, Laboratory of Knowledge and Intelligent Computing, Greece

Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Xanthi, Greece

Istrian Development Agency Ltd., Croatia

The QNeST PLUS project intends to further disseminate the results achieved through the QNeST project. The main objectives of QNeST PLUS are the promotion of a model of sustainable tourism, able to properly exploit the potential of the cultural heritage of the Adriatic – Ionian region.

The project focuses on specific issues that are considered necessary to effectively support quality sustainable tourism. Specifically:

  • the ability to preserve and properly exploit the intangible cultural heritage, with particular reference to traditional handicrafts
  • the ability to protect environmental resources and their sustainable adaptation for economic purposes
  • the accessibility of cultural heritage sites
  • promotional activities related to the Mediterranean Diet (in particular the relevant olive oil and wine production processes)
  • the provision of local and transnational services in the context of seasonally adapted tourism in coastal and continental areas.

In addition, the QNeST PLUS project will encourage transnational cooperation in order to create an integrated regional tourism system. In order to strengthen the QNeST quality network and routes and to improve the experience for tourists, the QNeST online platform will be utilized, a strategic IT tool that will reach the widest possible audience.

As part of the project, live meetings, international events, and online seminars will be held, focusing on regional stakeholder awareness of sustainable tourism issues and the role of European regional cooperation in the design and implementation of natural tourism routes and cultural heritage in the Adriatic – Ionian region as a lever for the revival of sustainable tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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