The QNeST PLUS project organize round table on sustainable tourism and cultural routes in the Ionian and Adriatic regions,
on Wed. 11 May 2022 15:00 – 19:00 CET.


The speakers are:

  • Mrs Carolina Clark (Project Manager, European Institute of Cultural Routes)
  • Prof Yoel Mansfeld (University of Haifa)
  • Mrs Alessandra Lucchese (Italian Ministry of Culture)
  • Prof Romeo Hanxhari (University of Tirana)
  • Mrs. Marianthi Anastasiadou (Department of International Relations. Directorate of International Relations and EU. Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports)
  • Arch Luigi Oliva (Italian Ministry of Culture)
  • Prof Biagio Perretti (University of Basilicata)
  • Mr Dario Gioffredo (CDS Hotels)
  • Mrs Paola Puzzovio (Founder of TEGing Italia e TEGing Puglia project)
  • Mr Giovanni Dagliano (Expert of International cultural routes)
  • Dr Diego Frigino (Olivetti Institute)

The Event will be moderated by:

  • Professor Anna Trono, University of Salento, scientific coordinator of the QNest Plus project
  • Ing Gabriella Trombino Project Manager of the QNest project


Registration link:

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