Meeting of partners of the Janus Project for the development of a Virtual Reality Mixed Learning Environment

On 27 and 28 of September, the 2nd project meeting of the Erasmus+ Project JANUS “e-Pedagogy and Virtual Reality Based Robotic Blended Education” took place on the Arta’s campus of the University of Ioannina. Representatives of all partners from Finland, Greece, Poland, Italy, and Lithuania participated.

The meeting participants presented modern and innovative methods for creating blended courses by providing modern approaches to the educational process that combine the natural learning environment and utilize modern digital learning tools for e-learning. The structure and learning outcomes of the Robotics courses, conducted on the virtual reality platform and in which students from the Technical Universities of Turin (Italy) and Rzeszowska (Poland) will participate, were also presented in detail.

Moreover, a great discussion regarding the topic of Learning Analytics took place. The representative of the University of Turku, lead partner on the Work Package of Learning Analytics Tool, presented the details regarding the Learning Analytics Tool, which will become a thorough assessment tool of the system as well as the efficiency of the methodology and the virtual reality tool, regarding educational objectives and learning outcomes. Data will be collected from self-assessment tools and the digital traces generated from the Virtual Reality platform and will be used to analyze the necessary actions to improve the educational process and student interactions while the results will be widely available to the public.

The actions of the Janus project, which have been planned and will be implemented in the next two years, are of significant importance as this project comes to provide solutions to many e-learning issues that arose due to the COVID-19 pandemic. JANUS project will study and design new technologies and methods for the application of Virtual Reality in education.

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