Advanced traceability of the Epirus meat for the improvement of the productive efficiency, quality and hygiene by utilizing intelligent systems of management of its supply chain.



Code of Act (Project): ΗΠ1ΑΒ-00208

Implementation Period: 09/2018 – 01/2022

Budget: 118.800,00 €

Scientific Responsible: Chrysostomos Stylios, Professor

The aim of the project is to add value to the meat and meat products of the Epirus Region, making them the most competitive in the market by utilizing modern information and communication technologies for the benefit of both the company and the final consumer.

Objectives of the project

  • Implementation of new animal breeding practices by stock-farmers, in order to improve the value of the meat produced.
  • Recording information related to a slaughterhouse, such as the date and time of slaughter that can be used by processing companies.
  • Calculation of the production costs, the yield and the price of the carcasses produced by those involved in the breeding, purchase and processing of meat.
  • Enhancement of the information provided for quality and sanitary safety criteria of the final animal products.
  • Providing information to the consumers about a product, from the point of origin (farm) to the point of retail sale.
  • Facilitate the retail company in locating and adding labels to the products that are on its shelves.
  • To be an essential tool for the authorities in charge that will help in the identification of a product sample.


The Program is co-financed by the European Union And from the National Resources of the participating States

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